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Tomoko Sugawara's CD


--The Whole Music Experience Review by Patricia Herlevi

I’m amazed at the depth of emotions Sugawara draws from her harp, as well as, the many styles she performs here from Japanese, ancient Chinese, Iranian (both contemporary and ancient) and medieval Spain.

--Midwest Record Blog Review by Chris Spector

enchanting and engrossing.... Hard to describe, easy to fall for. Review by Richard Marcus
sounds far more vital and alive than any harp recording I've heard in years.

--Cashbox Magazine Review by Christopher Llewellyn Adams
the skills of Sugawara [are] impossible to replicate.... a virtual oasis of sound, soothing to the ear and soul alike. Review by TJ Nelson
astonishingly striking... simply stunning, a sophisticated elegance wrapped around a harp


--Sumire Kuwajima, a former Professor of Harp at Tokyo University of Arts

Tomoko Sugawara, a [Japanese] harpist of solid reputation, has released her CD. Every tune in this new collection (Newly recorded tunes in this collection?) has proven to be a significant part of any professional harpist's repertoire. The program begins with Alfonse Hasselmans’ “La Source,” played in enchanting, gorgeous tones.  Next is Tomoko's successful presentation of "Ebb Tide." On hearing the elegant selection, “Glinka,” you will understand that no one can play Mozart so beautifully. Her specialty, Irish Folk Songs, are introduced in pleasant duets of harp and flute. The next two pieces composed by Ibert gleam with Tomoko’s sensitivity, making them even more beautiful and luxuriant. The Salzed, Debussy and Turnie pieces that follow are also fascinating. 

The harp is called “queen” of instruments for its graceful shape and sounds. It is so delicate, even moody and hard to handle that it annoys its players at times. Tomoko’s harp seems to be part of her body and she can make it sing just as she wishes. Her sincere enjoyment of the sounds allows the audience to imagine the world as she sees it. Her warm nature, artistic quality and prodigious talent give her listeners a relaxed, heartwarming feeling. I hope this CD will be enjoyed by people the world over.

This CD was created using the finest recording techniques, which emphasized the best features of the instrument through the collaboration of talents of the engineers and the performer. I am proud to say that this CD has already become a memorable album.

--Shigeru Hamada, Japan's most prestigious music critic

This is the debut album of the young harpist Tomoko Sugawara. Although young, she has long been active internationally and exudes calmness and confidence in her performance. The selection draws from both the standard and non-standard repertoire. Among the former are Glinka's variations on a theme by Mozart, 'La Source' by Hasselmans, 'Au Matin' by Turnier, and 'Chanson dans la nuit,' 'Tango,' and 'Rumba' by Salzedo. Most of these are original harp pieces, unique and rich in sprit. Some, like 'Clair de Lune' by Debussy and 'Ebb Tide' by Maxwell, are arranged pieces. There are also ensemble pieces, 'Entr´acte' and 'Deux Interludes' for flute and violin by Ibert. Tomoko Sugawara has fine technique and excellent ability to bring out the melody and emphasize it's structure. In addition, I like to mention her suppleness and flexibility. I am happy to report that a new promising player has appeared in the harp world. In particular, I would single out 'Deux Interludes' which have received few recordings, although one imagines there would have been many.



濱田滋   「レコード芸術1996年12月号」



「菅原さんの世界」   桑島すみれ







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