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Concerts,Workshops and Teaching

Tomoko loves and would like to offer various type of harp lessons, the kugo concerts and workshops.  Her music is scholarly researched historical pieces, contemporary and even improvisation. She is the experienced harp teacher both in Tokyo and New York. Her harp studio located in Tribeca Manhattan.  Look forward to seeing you.

  • Teaching harps​ online and at Tribeca Harp Studio, NYC

  • Give historical harps concerts and workshops

  • Kugo solo concerts, Along the Silk Road

  • Teaching harp ensemble

Tomoko,    Tribeca Harp Studio, NYC

Somerset 2011 035.JPG

Somerset Harp Festival, NJ


Smith Collage


Online harp lesson

ARS Vocalice México Festival


Tenri Cultural Institute, NY


The Metropolitan Museum, NY


Ginza Jujiya, Tokyo, Japan

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