Tomoko's Kugo

Kugo disappeared from East Asia 1000 years ago and Islamic countries 300 years ago.  Tomoko started to make a replica with the music archaeologist Bo Lawergren, and the historical harp maker Bill Campbell in 2007. They based it on designs seen in ancient kugo-pictures. and the instruments that survived at the Emperor’s treasure house, Shosoin, in Japan.

​PRI's The World 2010

Tomoko Sugawara Back on Tour

Early Music America

"Angular harps" by Bo Lawergren

Kugo Journey

When Tomoko learned about the kugo, she started to dream about its revival.   And in 2007 The Asian Cultural Council gave her a grant to research it in New York.  Her kugo project started in New York.  She is now in the midst of reviving it, discovering its ancient repertoire, commissioning new music and introducing it to the world.  She thinks it would be wonderful to meet other people interested in the kugo.  Please contact her. 

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